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MET Group Keeping EGGER Compliant.

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

EGGER are a new client of MET Group. We are able to test the main switch gear within the facilities under full load so no need for any unwanted down time. This allows Egger to operate business as usual while staying compliant.

EGGER is a global family company founded in 1961 in Tyrol, Austria, where it is currently based. The company produces wood-based panel products. EGGER has 20 production sites globally located in Europe (Austria, Germany, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Romania, Russia and Turkey) and the Americas (Argentina and the United States).

MET Service® Preventative Maintenance Programme is performed annually, and while the facilities electrical distribution system is energised under normal load. Tests performed are:

Ultrasonic Testing: Measure and record sound waves and/or vibrations that are above audible sound (16-18 KHZ). This service is used to complement the thermographic imaging service and determine if corona discharge, tracking, arcing and vibration are present, and to assure the quality and integrity of your electrical system.

Infrared Thermographic Imaging Service: Measure and record to identify temperatures that exceed the manufacturers recommendations. High resistance electrical connections, current overload, defective circuit breakers and/or defective insulator conditions. This service is used to reduce the risk of component failure, as well as safety and fire hazards.

Voltage and Current Harmonics Testing: Capture and record Total Harmonic Distortion-Voltage (THDV) and Total Harmonic Distortion-Current (THDC) that exceed IET recommendations. This service is used to determine if your harmonic contamination is within tolerance levels. In addition, this service is designed to assure accurate power (kW) charges and to minimise the risk of damage to microelectronic equipment, transformers, circuit breakers, motors, etc.

True RMS Voltage and Current Testing: Capture and record the square root of the average square of the instantaneous magnitude of the voltage and current. This service is used to determine if the correct voltage and current is present to properly operate the Owner’s equipment and optimise its life cycle.

Voltage Drop: Measure and record the difference of voltages at the two terminals of passive impedance. This service is used to determine if your electrical components, i.e., circuit breakers, contact surfaces, etc., are operating properly to reduce hazards and equipment destruction.

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