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Predictive and Proactive Service

MET Service  incorporates predictive and proactive service tasks which are performed on the covered electrical component(s) and/or connection(s).  The following tasks, as appropriate, shall be conducted:

  • Compare equipment nameplate data with drawings and specifications.

  • Inspect physical, electrical, and mechanical condition.

  • Torque all connections and terminations to applicable specifications.

  • Verify appropriate anchorage, required area clearances, physical damage, and correct alignment.

  • Inspect all mechanical indicating devices for correct operation and indication.

  • Clean interior and exterior of equipment, including vacuuming or blowing out as required.

  • Perform minor repairs (i.e. replace missing knock-outs).

  • Compare service results and trends in order to determine appropriate actions to minimise the likelihood of an unscheduled power loss or safety hazard.


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