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Electrical Systems Analysis

  1. Any immediate safety or hazard concern that is identified during any service visit shall report to the Owner’s authorised representative while on-site.  

  2. At the completion of each service visit, MET shall compile the results of all inspections, measurements, surveys and predictive and proactive service activities and analyse these results to ascertain the condition of the electrical devices and/or components.  The initial analysis shall be documented in the form of an Electrical Systems Analysis Report, made available in hard copy and electronic interactive format that both you and MET can easily update, and shall be presented to your authorised representative(s)

  3. The Electrical Systems Analysis Report (ESA) shall be reviewed with you and, if appropriate, include any recommended repairs, solutions and/or opportunities for improved electrical system efficiency, reduced electrical utility costs and/or improving safety conditions and/or minimising the risk of downtime.  If any component covered under the terms of this agreement is found to be in a non-maintainable condition, during the first service task on each component you will be provided with the options and associated costs to either:

  4. Repair or replace the doubtful component; or Remove the doubtful component from the repair or replacement provisions of this agreement.

  5. A report shall include each component identified in the Inventory of Equipment Schedule.  As a minimum, the report shall include the following information:  Component, purpose, size, type, quantity, manufacturer, electrical ratings, location, and inspection/tests performed, inspection/test results, deficiencies found, probable cause(s), photographs, and infrared images.

  6. An Infrared and Ultrasonic Survey Exception Report shall be provided for all identified concerns or potential failures.  As a minimum, the Infrared Survey Exception Report shall consist of a colour graphic report of abnormal temperature readings identified by the infrared survey, and detail ambient, caution, and warning conditions. 

  7. A Power Quality Analysis Report shall be provided for all identified concerns or problems.  As a minimum, the report shall include the spectrum of harmonic disturbances for each test point in the electrical system where disruption due to adverse power quality interaction is suspected.  In addition, the report shall provide alternative options for power quality protection of operating and load conditions.

  8. An Electrical Systems Analysis Report shall be provided for all identified concerns or problems.  As a minimum, the Electrical Systems Analysis Report shall include for each identified concern or problem a detailed description of the situation, a colour photograph of the deficiency, an explanation as to the cause, the result, the consequences if not corrected, the recommended course of action to be taken, and a list of the required action steps that would properly rectify the situation.


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