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Why We Carry Out Energised Testing.

MET Service® planned maintenance and energised testing programme incorporates Health & Safety standards to NFPA70E and assists companies in reducing their carbon footprint and utility costs and meet compliance with legislation – all aspects under the spotlight in running a business today.

MET Group are at the forefront of electrical system installation, maintenance and testing and are sensitive to client’s feedback that traditional testing methods provide little value to modern dynamic businesses.

Difficulty in shutting down complete office areas or production facilities to allow EICR fixed wire/insulation testing to take place, usually results in out of hours or weekend working that only serves to increase costs without adding any real value.
The reality is that many businesses have areas where Periodic Testing limitations are recorded and never undergo the testing they require to conform to BS7671.

MET Group have been concerned that there is no specific requirement to test electrical switch-gear and distribution boards and the increasing pressure from Insurance companies on businesses to carry out meaningful testing and their concerns that BS7671 was actually being met (Increase in electrical fires) made us look worldwide for a solution to this problem.

“The Value Of Electrical Preventative Maintenance.”

As we have already mentioned, our service takes existing, proven technology and enables our highly trained technicians to both “hear” and “see” what’s going on in your facility.
This is carried out whilst your electrical distribution system is under normal working conditions, giving you a clear picture of what’s going right and more importantly what’s going wrong, enabling us to fix it before it becomes a real business interruption or loss of data issue.

Without a MET Service® Preventative Maintenance Programme in place, the electrical distribution systems can waste from £600 to £2,300 per year in electric utility costs alone, through improperly torqued connections and bad contacts that cause increased amperage draw and power loss as well as heating and arching.
Studies show that for every £1 spent on preventative maintenance you save £4 in reactive repairs, with a 25% return on investment MET Service  has got to be taken seriously, especially as you can fix this cost for up to 3-years and be guaranteed no nasty financial surprises.

“Here’s What Makes MET Service® Unique”...
These are the tests we can carry out to enable us to fix your electrical costs and give you complete peace of mind for less than you currently pay for electrical maintenance and emergency repairs. You will get:

  • Thermographic (Infrared) Imaging

  • Ultrasonic Testing

  • Power Quality Analysis

  • Visual Inspection

  • Predictive and Proactive Service.

  • Full Earth Continuity & Prospective Short Circuit Current Readings

  • Statutory Test and Inspection

  • FREE Asset Management Software

  • Full Reporting & Certification

Please take time a look at the MET Service® sections of our website to see how we do it and put all the above into action and why so many businesses now use MET Service® to take the hassle out of electrical testing and compliance.

Areas Of Your Business that MET Service® Address’s…

  • Health & Safety

  • Power Quality

  • Utility Costs

  • Business Interruptions

  • Asset Management

  • Legal Requirements

  • Insurance & Certification

  • Manufacturers Recommendations


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