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Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing

To help us identify any problem issues before we begin, we use Ultrasonic Probes…

Carrying out energised testing, our trained technicians use ultrasonic probes as safety devices before opening any electrical enclosure to identify any unusual electrical noise, such as mechanical chatter, arcing and tracking, within your equipment.
Most people are familiar with infrared thermography using light waves to detect over heated components but infrared waves are directional and do not pass easily through solid objects, making shielding possible of some electrical problems often giving false readings.
However, Ultrasonic testing can identify problems within equipment that cannot be opened or accessed such as: bus bar-trunking, oil filled equipment, circuit breakers, switch-gear, transformers and starters.

Ultrasonic testing can be performed on energised high voltage equipment from a distance, and on enclosed high voltage equipment, where direct line of sight is not possible.


We listen for noise generated by arcing, tracking and corona.  This provides a safety risk alert for the technician, as well as identifying any hidden anomalies. 

Any problems highlighted will be investigated as the technician moves further into the service; he will give special attention to identifying what the problem is and why it is occurring.  He will then document the findings in detail in the MET Tasking software.
Only after completing the entire scan with the ultrasonic probe, will the technicians safely remove the cover to carry out Infrared thermography.

Can detect Arcing, Tracking, and Corona without a direct line-of-sight, and can be used in noisy environments.

  • Can be performed on energised high voltage equipment from a distance, and on enclosed high voltage equipment

  • Can identify issues within equipment that cannot be opened:

    • Busbar trunking

    • Oil-filled equipment

    • Circuit breakers

    • Distribution boards

    • Starters

Ultrasonic Testing


Here is an example of a fault found. This is a busbar connection arcing identified four meters up in a commercial building.

This serious fault was identified while carrying out our ultrasonic test.


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