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Voltage & Current Diagnostics

Harmonic Distortion

indicates the ability of your system to adequately carry non-linear loads.

  • Caused by inability of system to maintain potential to non-linear loads.

  • Propagates throughout the distribution system.

  • Dampened and blocked by in-series Inductive Devices (reactors, transformers)

  • Capacitors in the system become a low-impedance path to earth or other phases.

  • Constructive and destructive interference with other sources of voltage distortion in the entire system.

  • “Dirty Power” – poor wave shape and zero-crossing. Logic and timing faults.

By reducing the level of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) within your facility, you will not only contribute to better performance of your equipment but significantly reduce the levels of heat within the system and prolong the life of the equipment at component level, keeping repairs or replacement to a minimum.

Variable Speed Drives, DC Power Supplies, HF Electronic Lighting Ballasts, Compact Florescent Lamps, Computer Power Supplies,   

  • Nuisance tripping

  • Circuit board failure or data loss

  • Inability to re-transfer back to utility power

  • Overheating Delta-Star transformers

  • Failing motor contactors

  • Heat accumulation on conductors

An Energised Milli-volt Drop test to measure the drop in Voltage across each individual contact will tell us the exact condition of the contacts surfaces.
During this unique test we will also measure the current. The Voltage drop is then compared with similar components using International Electrical Testing Association standards.
Milli-volt drop testing does not require the traditional shutdown of the equipment and is performed as part of a MET Service

Measurements Taken

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Currents Distortion: THDc

  • Voltage Distortion: THDv

  • Harmonic Distortion

  • Earth Loop Impedance

  • Short Circuit Capacity Readings

What Are We Looking For?

  • Voltage /Current Imbalance

  • Total Harmonic Distorted Voltage and current

  • Neutral and Earth voltage and currents

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"Harmonics are generated when a load draws a non-linear current from a sinusoidal supply.“
"In reality, the resultant neutral conductor current can be well above the current-carrying capacity for the cable.“


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