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Periodic Testing (EICR)

Periodic Electrical Test and Inspection commonly called "Fixed Wire Testing" carried out in accordance with BS7671 (The IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition) ensures that you meet the obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act:

Predominantly the Act focuses on Safety.

  1. Reduce the risk of electric shock to a minimum.

  2. Reduce the risk of electrical fires to a minimum.

  3. Prove that an electrical system is safe in operation.

  Testing method

  1. Circuits switched off. (This will not reflect normal operating conditions)

  2. No distribution equipment identification system used.(Not unusual to find equipment Identification is poor or none existent)

  3. Circuit disconnections required. (Making testing very intrusive and potentially damaging to electrical equipment specifically cable terminations and terminals).

  4. Lost working time or provision for out of hours working required. (Additional costs for little or no value)

  5. A high percentage of circuits normally listed as limitations, exclusions or exemptions in a test report (Not tested) due to equipment and circuits not being available to test (can not be switched off or terminations unable to be identified).

  6. Unable to determine power quality, which has a direct reflection on potential equipment failure, electrical fire hazards, and electricity consumption. (Serious potential problems go unnoticed as switch-gear and distribution system not tested)

  7. Limited documentary records. (Test sheets and Test certificate only).



  1. No in service view of electrical distribution system

  2. No power quality  test

  3. No thermographic test

  4. No ultrasonic test

  5. No individual equipment indication

  6. No photographic indication records

  7. No photographic fault records

  8. No set risk and method statements

  9. No guarantee options on electrical equipment tested

  10. Periodic Inspection and TEGG Service, How does that work?


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