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There Were No Signs of a Fault but an Inspection by MET Group Identified an Electrical Anomaly With the Cover Still On.

Updated: Apr 26

The picture looks like all is well with the connections but our engineers identified a loose neutral that was in pre-thermal stage with no cover's removed.

There were no issues reported from the client before our inspection and given the installation was only five years old we expected no issues apart from trend the data for 2025.

After beginning the test our engineer was made aware there was an issue with no cover's being removed with an abnormal sound signature via ultrasonic measurement.

The person in charge of the site was notified & the issue corrected by MET Group's engineer.

As with all electrical assets we inspect there is a process depending on the problem data we obtain:

1. Site notified of issue found.

2. Fixed at the time of inspection.

3. If the issue requires further authorisation or isolation permits.

4. Issue a MET Fault Summary Report & a MET Test Report for each asset of the electrical installation tested to prove reliability.

5. Issue an Action Plan to resolve the issue which can be carried out by MET Group or your own staff.

6. MET Group complete a re-test.

7. Issue Test Document providing the data the issue is fixed.

8. Trend the data for any future visits.

Being the UK leaders in Energised Testing MET Group come across hidden issues every week on ACBs, Busbars Runs, LV Panels, Transformers, usually easily fixable or some more critical that need a shut down ASAP or planned but this was probably one of the smallest that would go undetected for a while.

Should you have an issue with any part of your electrical installation we will find it and assist with an action plan or if you are not switching some electrical assets off due to the nature of your business then contact us to see how we can assist you to achieve your legal & Employers obligations.

With anything that is energised in your facility from the meter to the last light bulb you never know when things can change so have the data to plan rather than leave any part of your electrical installation untested and the only data you have is the word Limitation.

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