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MET Group Complete a Full Inspection & Maintenance Programme with Secondary Injection Testing for a UK Manufacturing Client of 74 ACBs Across 12 UK Sites.

Updated: Feb 15

MET Group completed a full service for our national client of 74 Air Circuit Breakers.

There was a mixture of:



Terasaki Units.

From the signing of the NDAs the programme was executed to plan, apart from main contacts & minor parts being replaced there were no issues when the ACBs were re-energised on time.

Once energised and as part of an MET ACB service we carried out an energised before & after ultrasonic test it was noted on all ACBs serviced the sound signature data proved the ACBs had been serviced and cleaned correctly with an improved signature.

Our Ultrasonic Engineers will re-visit in 2025 and trend the signature with the contract running from 2024 to 2029.

The planning and approved persons we’re supplied by MET Group taking all responsibility off our client.

MET Group only use in-house engineers ensuring no excuses for reliability or inflated costs.

For more information on all our services that provide inspection & maintenance services to all of your electrical installation contact

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