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MET Group reach number 300.000 non isolation test at the hi spec Bloomberg building London.

MET Group are proud to have completed the non isolation testing to Bloomberg Financial London for the third year. The works were ordered by our valued client Anord Mardix.

The installation is nothing short of a work of art and is a pleasure to attend but even though the installation is of an high standard the people who have the responsibility to maintain it still ensure its tested every year because they expect nothing less than compliance and reliability.

MET Group have now exceeded 300,000 tests to over 250 sites in the UK & Europe and as you can see in the cluttered picture there are a lot of electrical joints, connections and panels that keep all buildings running and the smallest of connection can cause critical losses to all types of businesses yet building & duty holders are still accepting limitations on an electrical inspection report putting people & buildings at risk and not following The EAWR guidelines and regulations.

At MET Group if a submain is energised it will be & should be tested. we will not issue a certificate with limitations and neither should a manager with the daily responsibility accept parts of an electrical installation to go untested for years and hope for the best there are no issues.

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