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MET Group Carry Out Fixed Wire Testing to Admiral Insurance HQ Cardiff Utilising Artificial Intelligence.

Updated: Jan 14

MET Group carry out a 5 year fixed wiring inspection to Admiral Insurance's Cardiff HQ for our valued client Anord Mardix with ultrasonic signatures & data collected, analysed once the cables tested were re-connected

We lead the industry in innovation, electrical safety & are always progressing & evolving to offer our clients a more advanced service of all the HV & LV testing & maintenance services we provide.

MET Group utilised artificial intelligence & anomaly detection to optimise our electrical testing processes, including test scheduling, resource allocation & test parameter selection to improve efficiency and accuracy, leading to cost savings & improved reliability from historical, current & future data allowing MET Group to trend the electrical installation and have the predictive data that our clients expect.

“Artificial Intelligence can process large volumes of data from electrical tests more quickly and accurately than humans, identifying trends and patterns that may not be immediately apparent to humans.

Whether people agree or not artificial intelligence is coming to all industries with no slowing down for industries to catch up.

24/7 or periodic data collection with the technologies we utilise allows MET Group to trend the health of all electrical assets and cables. AI is deeply integrated into MET Group’s business and as allowed us have built a business that is always evolving by knowing the data of the maintenance and inspection industry and integrating the information in to our practices”

Tony Marshall, Managing Director MET Group

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