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MET Group Carry Out an Ultrasonic Inspection at BBC Bristol for Mitie FM. The Data was Analysed On & Offsite with MET Group’s Sound Library of Over 350000 Files & METs Artificial Intelligent software.

Updated: Apr 26

MET group completed an ultrasonic inspection of the LV panels and internal busbars for our valued client Mitie FM at their BBC site Bristol.

As well as the list of all HV & LV electrical asset testing & maintenance services we provide when it comes to ultrasonic inspections MET Group are unmatched in ultrasonic inspections with over 350000 electrical energised assets tested, every assets signature we have inspected has been added to MET Group’s sound signature library & within the 350000 sound files are 33000 electrical or mechanical anomalies we have detected.

Our ultrasonic sound library has sound signatures from all the main manufacturers & less common electrical panels, ACBs, transformers etc and every asset we inspect the data is analysed on-site and off site against MET Group’s sound database.

From a sites first ultrasonic inspection we trend the data with the artificial intelligence we introduce to the initial sound data collection to determine if any part of your electrical installation has any hidden issues that may become future projected critical or if any part is showing signs of deterioration and fatigue in real time or prospective data.

Ultrasonic Inspections are just a small part of the inspection & maintenance services we provide. If you would like to know more how MET Group could ensure there is no part of your electrical installation untested so you are meeting your legal obligations then reach out to:

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