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MET Group Begin Full Energised Testing Services to part of The Crown Estates for BGIS FM.

MET Group are proud to have been awarded various prestige buildings across The Crown Estate from our valued client BGIS FM.

The service MET Group provides will identify Power Quality, Harmonics, Pre-Thermal and Thermal issues in your electrical installation where isolation is not an option.

We will always find the unexpected hidden issue in your electrical system before it becomes a critical issue.

The services we provide does not stop at energised analysis.

MET Group carry out:

Fixed Wiring Inspections (EICRs).

Energised Inspections.

Non-Energised Inspections.

Thermal Inspections.

Ultrasonic Inspections.

ACB'S Inspection & Maintenance.

ATS Inspection & Maintenance..

HV Transformers Inspection & Maintenance.

Power Factor Correction Inspection & Maintenance.

For more information please email:

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